Psyschology 5-6 page paper | Psychology homework help

Read the book: Living, Loving, and Learning by: Leo Buscaglia


Write 5 to 6 page reflection paper (2000-2300). The paper needs to utilize material in our general psychology book and will also include your personal reaction to the book. Why did you select the book you read? How does this book relate to your life? This is not to be a book report, but your response to the book of your choice. What did you learn from this book? The pursue of this project is to allow you to pursue a topic of your choosing. Must be: Depth of thought in reflection on the book and applying it to your life, clarity in thinking, appropriate usage of the English language in grammar and style, and proper spelling.




Typed double spaced with size 12 font, include a word count on the last page of the reflection, student name, name of class, professor’s name, date. APA (2010) reference page is required when referencing textbook and book selected for book reflection. The reference page and/or works cited page is the last page of the book reflection paper.




Due by Thursday October 16,2014