Preparing data for analytic solution


Assignment 4  Data preparation for an analytics solution

You are a data analyst working with a team of data scientists and statisticians for a large healthcare system called Acme Healthcare. This healthcare system includes numerous clinics and hospitals. Your mission is to provide analytical solutions to the executive leaders at Acme Healthcare to help them solve the following analytical problem: 

 Some providers at Acme Healthcare may be engaging in fraud with respect to documentation and billing. How can they be identified after controlling for patient-level risk factors? 

Your task is to provide a PDF report for the executive leaders of Acme Healthcare who are mandated to solve the problem you have selected. The report has multiple steps and will include a description of the problem area you want to focus on, the data, and how you might address the necessary challenges and possible solutions to the problem. Your report will include an Appendix to illustrate how you would modify the data dictionary and where you can put additional descriptive text or examples about how you plan to solve some of the complex ETL issues. 

Here is a summary of the steps for this report, which build on each other and for what you will be graded on:

1. Choose one of the analytical problems and suggest possible analytical solutions. 

2. Evaluate how groupers can help you solve aspects of the analytical problem. You can consider how to group diagnoses, procedures, and medication codes into analytical categories. 

3. Create a one-paragraph analytical plan about how you will solve the problem. 

4. Answer questions about what ETL processes are required to create the analytical file. 

5. Create an appendix where you include suggestions for improvements to the data dictionary and summarize likely analytical output.

Tools and Data

The tools and data you will use for this assignment are: 

· Excel

· Access to the already transformed CMS 2008-2010 Data Entrepreneurs’ Synthetic Public Use File (from lessons in Module 4)

· Optional (statistical software or various programming languages to transform and analyze the data)


This assignment in a PDF report must answer the questions posed in the step-by-step instruction to score a passing grade. Step 1 is done. Please work on steps 2 to 5. Please incorporate step 1 into the final PDF report. Thanks.