Powerpoint – quantitative analysis methods


In this assignment, you will create a PowerPoint presentation that details a number of quantitative analysis methods and indicates how and when they should be used to solve business problems.


· Include an analysis of 10 different methods.

o At least four methods must not have been directly covered in the course.

· For each analysis method includes:

1. A one slide description of the method and the type of problem it can be used to solve.

2. An example of the method in use.

3. 2-4 references describing the method and/or examples

4. A practical example, invent a business problem and briefly describe it in one slide.

5. Create a simple decision tree to select the quantitative method used to evaluate it, include a sample evaluation and recommendation for the business problem.


Power Point

For your power point, please use APA format, so there should be a cover slide, and your name must be included on the cover slide. Then you follow the directions for the assignment which are laid out for you. You need to research these terminologies and cite where necessary. Please do not include quotes in your PowerPoint, it is not a demonstration of your knowledge. You need to paraphrase your research and cite it accordingly. All work must be presented on the slide, nothing should be placed on the notes section of the PowerPoint. At the end of your presentation, you need to include a reference slide. You need to list 10 methods, for each method write a small description of the method, and provide an example of the method. Each slide should have at least one citation. You need to use at least two sources from the university’s online library. For the second part of the presentation you need to create a practical example, please feel free to make up a company or use a company that you are familiar with.



10 slides, one for each type of method

1 for example problem


So in total 14-15 slides.