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This assignment evaluates your ability to apply the sociological imagination to a particular social phenomenon.  Approach this assignment as you would an examination essay question.  Demonstrate both your knowledge and understanding of your chosen topic.  Utilization of course material within your response is required; utilization of additional references is optional.  Focus upon the creation of an integrated analytical essay which clearly states your hypothesis (thesis)/introduction, your argument/discussion, and your conclusions.  The essay must be typewritten with a times new roman font of 12, double-spaced, and possess a length of at least two pages and no longer than three pages.  Clearly identify the number that corresponds to your chosen question.  

Select and respond to one of the following questions. 
1) How does the sociological imagination facilitate the identification, analysis,  and possible solution of social problems?  Explain.  How does the sociological  imagination impede the identification, analysis, and possible solution of social  problems?  Explain.  What is your overall assessment of the application of  the sociological imagination to the study of social problems?  Explain.  You  may utilize a specific social problem as a means to enhance your analysis.  
2) How does the United States culture (specifically, the beliefs (belief systems),  values, and norms) contribute to the controversial nature of the abortion  issue?  Explain.  Does the extreme dichotomization of this issue prevent the  successful pursuit of either the alleviation or the resolution of this social  problem?  Explain.


-The name of the book we have to reference to cite is “Henslin, James M.  Social Problems: A Down-to-Earth Approach (11th edition)”.