Please do japanese culture | Reading homework help


1st assignment. 

Please do Japanese Culture 

Objective: Learning about another culture is beneficial to several career paths.  Most corporations have offices located around the globe.  This means that you might have the opportunity to travel or it might mean that you will work with someone else from another country.  Think about the value in knowing about the country or even knowing how to research another culture.
Instructions: Choose a different culture that interests you.  Then, research this culture’s different traditions, communication etiquette with others–personal and professional, and expectations concerning writing (i.e. maybe women are not allowed to publish).  Also research the business etiquette in case you get to travel for your career.  You will find that correspondence a/o communication in countries such as Japan or Saudi Arabia are very different from those in the United States. In your answer, post your findings with corresponding URLs as the first part of your answer.
Then, write a brief response to which you compare and contrast these two different cultures’ expectations for correspondence/communication (the country of your choice and the US).  Discuss some problems that occur when a person is not aware of correspondence in other countries.  Then, offer some solutions that might help others become better intercultural communicators.
HINT: Use the Internet for general business information or you can use the libraries Global Road Warrior (type into the library “UHCL one search box”).  Please make sure to provide a citation(s) from where you found the information UNDER the information, since you are copying/pasting!