personal perspective and the history of applied science fields


Describe the historical background of your chosen field. Select a person you feel made significant contributions to society, your field of study, and who has influenced you personally. In a Microsoft Word document, in a minimum of 500 words, write a paper that includes the following:

1. Describe one of the common problems that a professional in your chosen field would be working on.

2. Research a scientist who contributed to the advancement of your chosen profession and describe their contributions within the discipline according to the Christian worldview.

3. Describe how your own view of vocation, and how your future contributions would be informed by the values of the Christian worldview. Discuss how a calling to the sciences could be a service to God and benefit mankind.

4. The paper should include a professional generated graphic model created by you, the student, that describes the evolution of your chosen discipline. The graphical model must include a timeline that shows the history of the applied science.

 Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide 

Note: I am studying IT 

Make sure to use each question as a sub-heading