Passenger experience | Marketing homework help

Hello there,

I want a PowerPoint with 9 slides about (Airport Passenger Experience) to present it to the senior management. 

Very solid information of how to be better in this field as a division. Since it’s new department that has been launched few weeks ago. Our target is the Passenger since we are lacking their smile. The focusing in this PowerPoint as following:

– Build End-to-End World Class Airport Passenger Experience

– Procedures 

– Benchmark through the top class airport around the world

– Initiatives to bring the smile to passengers 

– How to shift passenger behaviour from bad to perfect

– How to simplify passenger travel process

– Solutions

I want you to be creative in the slides and why not to have some animations on it.

I want also notes in the bottom of each slide defining each point your talking about in the presentation slides.  

Please make sure to not add the References in the last slide. I rather to be hided. since I want to impress and praise my department head. As if I’m the one who did the work.

Attached is the company logo, please insert it at the top left of each slide.

Please do your best.