Page 179- 223 anatomy & physiology

*****Answer questions on Pages 179 -223 ATTACHED, then write a discussion post with the instructions below.Discussion: Urinalysis and Digestive System Analysis*****

Refer to CG Unit Six: Digestive System (Page 179 Activity 6.1-D&E and 

Internet searches, including the Bristol Stool Chart), and CG Unit Eight: Urinary System (Page 223 Activity 8.1-E Pp. 218-224 and an Internet search). 

Grading: Each item (#1-5) is worth 6 points = 30 possible points665 

1. Create an OPINION for P. 179 Activity 6.1-E of what you think is “Normal”. (Wait to research until after you have made your opinion, and do not modify your opinion. Keep the language professional!!) 

2. Research the answers to the five questions and post what the medical experts say is “normal” and identify examples of “abnormal” findings (cite your source/s). 

3. Review the case study on P. 223 and identify if this patient has “normal” findings for her urinalysis, and if not, what the findings may indicate.  

4. Use the Merck Manual Library (in the introduction module in Canvas), or another online source (site your source) to describe a disease/disorder of the body that can be identified with a simple urinalysis. 

5. Post an initial substantive post