original work and no grammar issues, please!

 Original work and no grammar issues, please! 

Your assigned paper –

Intelligence Analysis:

This assignment requires to write a paper that expands upon the information on organized crime-related intelligence, domestic terrorism-related intelligence, or intelligence-led policing. Please select one component and detail the history, current intelligence related methods, and emerging intelligence methods. This paper will include the insights from where intelligence first began to where intelligence gathering and analysis is headed.

Critically assess academic literature on the subject. I am looking for critical thinking and a clear indication that you have a grasp of the literature. Do not include numerous or long quotes in your work. There is no need to incorporate a string of quotes written by published authors. The analysis is what is needed for a successful paper. As a general rule no more than 5% of an academic paper should be quoted material.

This is a major assignment so follow the instructions carefully