Organizational structures and business process-mgmt 501


Course: Organizational structure and business processes- MGMT501

Question 1

Course Project Topic Selection

Select a new (your “own” concept) or an existing organization as the framework to create your organizational model. It cannot be a recognized company or a public corporation. If you choose an existing organization, a local school, small business, or a company where any of the team members work – they are ideal models for this academic exercise. In one paragraph introduce your choice and explain why this selection is ideal for this assignment (with 2 references)

Questions 2


In this assignment, you will create a SWOT Analysis with TOWS Matrix based on:

· Your review of the Redbox Case Study

· Your research of the internal and external environments


1. Read the Case Study “Redbox Succeeds by Identifying Market Need” available in the textbook, Chapter 1 (Ferrell et al., 2020).

2. Review the concept of SWOT Analysis with TOWS matrix presented in the Week 1 Lesson

3. Read the article “Creating Strategies from TOWS Matrix” (Aslan, 2012). This article can be found in the Readings for the week.

4. Prepare an APA Report addressing the following:

> summary of the case

>A critical analysis of the role that both internal and external environments have for organizations to be successful.

> An Analysis of the external environments. Use the DeVry Library and other reputable Internet sources (e.g., government, professional associations) to complement your research of the external environments. The external environments can be economic, socio-demographic, regulatory, political, technological, or global.

>A SWOT Analysis (two factors per each S-W-O-T category) – Identify two internal factors that can be classified as weaknesses and two internal factors that can be classified as strengths for Redbox based on the case study information. Identify two external factors that can be classified as opportunities and two external factors that can be classified as threats for Redbox based on the case study information.

> A TOWS Matrix (one strategy per each SO, WO, ST, WT category)

>An analysis critically evaluating the importance of the managerial issues addressed in this paper; use real-life examples to explain the importance of these concepts

>Integrate to your Case Analysis the template provided for the SWOT and TOWS matrices, File Name: MGMT501_Week 1_Case Study _SWOT-TOWS Template SWOT/TOWS Template.

> include at least three references with your APA report.

> Access the APA Template 

Question 3


For this activity, I need to deliver a 3-minute audio response S0, I need a written script with APA citations. 

· Choose a small business or local organization with which you interact on a regular basis.

· This organization can be your place of employment, local supermarket, church, school, or any other type of retailer.

· Noticeable organizations, such as public corporations, will not be considered for this activity.

In your response, address the following:

· Discuss at least three elements of the American economy that will affect this organization in the future.

· Use the textbook to substantiate your response.