Organizational analysis and equity assessment

Produce a memo addressed to a key administrator in the organization you are targeting.

Using information gathered from  interviews or other sources of research,   assess the department or organization that you have chosen.
This assessment should include how the organization is set up to handle issues of equity.

As you discuss the organization with key stakeholders, you should begin to identify the organization’s strengths, weaknesses, and risks as it relates to rolling out a data-centered or technological approach. 

Your submission may be structured by answering the following questions:

  • What are the organization’s current outcomes? How are they measured? Do they serve all or just a few?
  • How could this organization produce outcomes that are more equitable?
  • Is the current team ready to adopt data or tech driven approaches?
  • What are strengths &  weaknesses inherent with what this  organization does?
  • What are some opportunities or  barriers to adopting data or technology?
  • Who are potential early adopters and champions of the proposed reforms?
  • Who in this organization handles technology / innovation / data. Does the organization need to be trained on specific technologies like GIS or collecting data using sensors?
  • Identify risks or concerns that may come up when using the new technology or collecting the data
  • Can this organization partner with other organizations (public or private, internal or external) to help advance your reform plans?

MUST REFLECT CRITICAL ANALYSIS. This means making strong and clear arguments in support of OR against specific approaches or strategies that the organization is currently taking or not taking in advancing your reform plans.