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2800-3000 words Abstract and references do not count as part of the word count. 

 Stress in Healthcare Organization.

   Use theories: Stimulus-based theory, Response based theory and transactional-based theory to explore the topic of stress in a healthcare organization. Write about how stress in healthcare impact employees, organizational performance, and the delivery of care. Describe the kinds of tress. Why is stress in the healthcare environment more pressing compared to other industries; address factors such as professional hierarchy, personalities, ethnicity, and gender. How employee burnout affects delivery of care. Best practices to alleviate the negative effect of stress in the workplace. How should managers behave so that employees experience less stress? What can an organization do so employees experience less stress? This work has to be supported by  ( current literature and facts)

Please follow the Guidelines below. And check the rubric provided below

Please ground the work on theories

Title page: Stress in Healthcare Organization.


Introduction: Define stress here and introduce what the paper is about. Stress has effects on physiological, safety and security, love and belonging, self-esteem, and self-actualization. The paper will explore theories on stress and related them to healthcare organizations. Stress on employees and the organization affects the delivery of care.

Literature on stress ( current literature and facts)

Theories on stress: You need to provide enough background on each theory; how it has evolved; been used in practice to demonstrate your expertise in this area as the subject matter expert.   

1. Stimulus based models

2. Response-based models

3. Transactional based models

Kinds of stress

Stressor indicators

Causes of workplace stress: Individual task demand, roles demand, group demand, organizational demand (N.B discusses those points)

Impact of stress:

Impact of stress on employees

Impact of stress on the organization

Impact of stress/burnout on delivery of care

Stress in the Healthcare environment is more pressing than in any industries

Strategies that managers and organization can use so that employees experience less stress on the job


Some people are more prone to stress

Personalities: How people with different personalities are prone to stress. Discuss further with

Gender: women are more prone to stress than men Discuss further

Minorities: Employees from an ethnic minority groups may be more prone to stress than the majority because of prejudice and discrimination



Word Length 12 Points.  2800- 3000 words (references and abstract not counted)

Number of Scholarly Articles 12 Points.  At least 12 peer-reviewed articles, Plus textbooks

Formatting 8 Points.  APA style.   

Understanding and Accurate Application of Core Concepts / Forma 10 Points.

 Logical argument. 8 Points. 

Use and Depth of Theory 14 Points. You need to provide enough background on it; how it has evolved; been used in practice to demonstrate your expertise in this area as the subject matter expert.   

Properly Section 10 points. 

Incorporating Reasoned Implications and Conclusions 10 Points.

Language, Spelling and Grammar. 16 Points