Ops 571 final exam guide latest/ops 571 final exam guide latest


1. Which of the following is a measure of operations and supply management efficiency used by Wall Street?

Dividend payout ratio

Receivable turnover

Current ratio

Financial leverage

Earnings per share growth

2. An activity-system map is which of the following?

A diagram that shows how a company’s strategy is delivered to customers

A timeline displaying major planned events

A network guide to route airlines

A facility layout schematic noting what is done where

A listing of activities that make up a project

3. Which of the following is a total measure of productivity?



Output/(Labor + Capital + Energy)


All of these

4. Which of the following approaches to service design is characterized by having the customer take a greater role in the production of the service?

Quality approach

Self-service approach

Production-line approach

Do-it-yourself approach

Personal-attention approach