Operations management supply chain discussion question

M4D1: Supply Chains

Walmart’s business model revolves around creating a competitive advantage by leveraging suppliers against one another to reduce prices. This has been at the forefront of Walmart’s business model so they can attract customers by keeping retail prices to a minimum. For this forum, discuss how this business model has affected their direct and indirect competitors. In addition, discuss how smaller organizations can compete against this retail giant to gain and maintain market share.

Module 4 notes:

More and more companies are achieving sustainability goals through various supply chain processes. Companies are eager to publicize their sustainability efforts through media releases and on their company websites, so examples of sustainability are easy to find on the Internet. What is the role of supply chain management in very small firms, such as family enterprises, independent restaurants, independent hardware stores, and appliance repair shops?

The study of supply chains provides a good opportunity to tie together other topics in operations management like inventory, forecasting, information technology and quality management. Think about a supply chain for a company or product you are familiar with – what is the role and importance of these other supply chain components in supply chain management? How have advances in communication technology affected procurement and distribution in supply chain management? What are the current issues and factors around the world that would affect a company’s global supply chain? What issues are pressing in international shipping? – World markets or worldwide trade agreements?