Operation plan analysis | Social Science homework help

Local Emergency Operation Plan Analysis (75 Points)
Locate an emergency operations plan for the community, county, parish, or state where your home or school is located. Compare this plan to the description of the emergency planning process found in the required reading. State in your case the following:
Geographic area addressed by the plan. 
Describe how this plan is similar to, and how it is different from, the standards that are described. 
Describe in your own words and analyze if you feel this plan is effective at establishing the roles, responsibilities, and authorities of the agencies and officials assigned to emergency management in the jurisdiction or entity.
Provide a brief analysis of the plan.
Your paper should be 1000-1500 words, well written, and formatted per the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements. Support your analysis by referencing and citing at least three credible sources other than the course textbook. The Virtual Library is a good place to find credible sources. 

Please provide references in the answer and a reference page separate from the 3-4 pages necessary in the assignment.