o this course and reading the chapter, what were your thoughts on multi-tasking, in general? Do you think you are a good multi-tasker? Why or why not?…

After completing the activity on p. 139, what were your findings? Apply the concepts of divided attention and focused awareness to your findings and experience while completing the activity. Cite the textbook. Do you think there are some tasks that are easier to multi-task on than others? If so, which ones? If not, why not?

Replies: It’s Public Service Announcement (PSA) Time!

In reply to one of your classmates, discuss your recommendations for what to do or not do while driving. Support your points with evidence from the textbook.

In reply to another classmate, discuss your recommendations for studying. What activities might be more or less distracting? Again, be sure to support your recommendation with evidence or concepts discussed in the textbook.