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News Article Assignment

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Find a current, online news story (within the last 6 months) about a foodborne illness outbreak that was linked to a foodservice facility.  The facility might be a restaurant, school, hospital, etc.  No more than three students may choose the same outbreak.  It is strongly suggested that be limited to no more than two students.

Write a discussion post describing:

  1. Food(s) implicated in the outbreak
  2. Microorganism suspected of causing the illness
  3. Facility preparing the food (restaurant, hospital, school, etc.)
  4. How many people were ill, hospitalized or died.
  5. Discuss what factors or conditions you feel caused this outbreak.
  6. What recommendations would you make to the manager of the facility in order to prevent similar outbreaks in the future?
  7. Include your source of information concerning this foodborne illness outbreak (attach copy of article or link)