Nature vs.nuture | Psychology homework help

To prepare for this portion of the dialog, the video Epigenetics located at

The Nature vs. Nurture debate has been going on for centuries. The discussions experts currently have about these two influences on human development is now an “and” not an “either/or” one as science has demonstrated that each of us is the product of both our genetic makeup and the environment in which we develop. Despite this, both professionals and lay persons still hold differing perspectives on which influence has the greatest impact.  

Discuss  your perspective on the relative influence of heredity and environment–that is, which do you think has the greatest influence of the two after viewing the video above and reading this week’s assigned learning material–and how your view differs or is similar after reading the assigned material vs. before. 


Note: For the purpose of this discussion you are asked to stay away from the philosophical arguments of religion and evolution and instead focus on the bio-physiological concepts


400 word minimum 

APA format for references