My local environment and the epa


Go through the Envirofacts Web link, a one-stop source for environmental information about your community sponsored by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). You can use the “Get the EnviroFACTS!” on the page and type my area’s zip code, city, county, orstate.


You can use the Zip Code Locator function on the page to broaden your search. (I will provide my specific zip code which must be used when the handshake is completed)


 Or, you can select a topic—water, waste, toxics, air, or radiation—to find out if any local emissions, sites, violations, or companies are being monitored by the EPA. Based on the information provided, how would you rate the environmental quality of your community and your state?


Is there more your community needs to do to adequately protect the public from environmental hazards? Explain.


Properly cite sources using the APA format.


Must be free of plagiarism.


Evaluated the environmental quality of your community and state and justified the rating.

Discussed the sociological perspectives and integrated personal views relative to the environmental issues found in your research.