Multidisciplinary capstone – week 3 assignment conduct a data search


Multidisciplinary Capstone – Week 3 Assignment

Conduct a Data Search

STEP 1 – Conduct a data search for anonymous statistical data from government records (e.g., Census Bureau, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Bureau of Justice Statistics, etc.)


DO use anonymous data previously gathered by a government agency.

DON’T use data that can be linked to a living individual.

DO use data to inform your research on demographics, behavior, and outcomes.

DON’T use data to overgeneralize or misrepresent beyond the data’s population.

DO use data from a reputable government or organization agency. 

DON’T use data from a personal or commercial agency. 

DO find data to conduct your own analysis or use agency reports.

DON’T find someone else’s analysis of the data (e.g. research article.)

STEP 2 – Write and submit a 2-3-page APA formatted paper to include the following headings:


Introduce the data source. Describe the agency and what, when, where and why the data was collected.


 Describe how you found the data. Include your search method (e.g. internet, library, etc.), search terms you used and how you narrowed your search.  Describe why and how you decided on this data.


Summarize the main information from the data.  What were some of your interpretations from the data? Provide limited paraphrasing from the data (see examples below) to support your interpretations. 


Discuss how the data information will help you with your research paper. What do you think you will be able to apply?