Mpm344 u1ip | MPM344 Project Risk Management | Colorado Technical University

Deliverable Length:   3–5 pages (not including cover page and resource page)

By completing a project risk management plan, you will be able to understand methods of identifying risks, performing risk analyses, determining risk responses, and monitoring risks. 

For this assignment, you will develop components of a risk management plan based on a project of your choosing.

Some examples of projects are the following:

  • Replacing computers in an office building 
  • Improving a claims process 
  • Developing a marketing strategy 
  • Building a bridge 
  • Taking inventory in a warehouse 
  • Creating a new software program for a bank

You can get ideas for projects based on your experiences. For example, if you have a marketing background, the development of a marketing strategy may be a good choice. If you have experience in software, the development of software for a company could be an option.

Click here to download a Word template to complete this assignment. You will use this template to complete Individual Projects in Units 1–5.

This week, you will complete the Project Outline sections of the template, as follows:

  • Briefly describe your project and the project deliverables. 
  • Discuss the overall risk management strategy for your project. 
  • Describe the high levels of risk categories you believe risk events may occur in, such as technological, vendor, customer, employees, government, weather, and so on.