Most important aspects of the united states legal system and why


Write an essay discussing what you consider to be the most important aspects of the United States legal system and why. Using the following:


– Creates the judicial branch of the federal government as well as checks and balances between all the different branches of government. (The constitution creates the federal government and sets limitations within it.)
– Divides power between the federal government and the states, which greatly impacts how the court system we use in the US is structured.
– Protects liberties of individual American citizens through prohibitions on certain types of discrimination, etc. and proclamations of inalienable rights.
– The Constitution created fundamental laws that form the back bone of the US legal system.


– It is the highest court in the land and the last court of opportunity for people seeking justice.
– It protects civil liberties by striking down laws and judgments that violate the Constitution.
– The decisions of the Supreme Court have an immense impact on the daily life of all citizens within the US.
– It acts as an important check and balance on the other branches of the government.
– The Supreme Court interprets the Constitution and makes determinations about how it should be applied to laws.
– The lifetime appointment of justices on the Supreme Court means that they do not need to worry about public opinion when coming to their decisions in the same way as other judges and government leaders.

*Jury System

– Offers a very important unbiased viewpoint from a wide cross section of citizens from American society.
– Offers individuals the opportunity to voice their opinion on important issues impacting their community.
– Carries out an important part of the checks and balances provided for by the Constitution. (Prevents tyranny by the government.)
– It is one of the more unique aspects of the American legal system. Not many other countries include jury trials by citizens.
– Jury trials serve as a form of education for the general public about the justice system in America.
– Allows citizens not otherwise involved in government or the legal system to help determine community standards and expectations.