Mosaic | English homework help

 please choose a creative medium with which to express your thoughts about any one of the concepts (ideas, arguments) encountered in any one (or more) of the texts we have read throughout the semester. Powerpoint is not allowed. You can write a song and perform it, you can paint or sculpt, you can use photography or performance art, you can do ‘fieldwork’ or conduct interviews, make a survey, or write a grant proposal. The sky is the limit, but you must submit a proposal (one paragraph) to me by 04/11 at the latest (link on BB). Your final project must be accompanied by short explanation (at least 300 words) that details what idea(s), concept(s), argument(s), or lines of thought you are demonstrating or working through in your project. Your final project, together with the explanation is due on 04/19. Some of you will be presenting their work on Tuesday, 04/19, and some of you will be presenting on Thursday, 04/21, which is also the last day of class. Who presents when will be determined when we get closer to Week 15. Your project will be assessed in terms of effort and originality. Your explanation and your project will also be assessed in terms of content specificity and complexity (clear and full understanding of particular concept/problem from our text[s]).


During your presentation, you will have five minutes or so to show your project, read your explanation, and possibly answer questions from the class. You must bring a hard copy of your explanation with you so that you can read it. If your project can be easily shown in class, please simply bring it with you on the day you are scheduled to present. If your project takes time to watch, read, study, etc., please be sure to send it to your class ahead of time (at least a day before your presentation). Very important: You may absolutely not reuse something for this class that you have used for another class or are using for another class. The prompt is broad, so you have a lot of creative license; however, you do not have license to cheat. If I find out that you are turning in this project to another professor, you will receive a grade of F on this assignment.

Alternative: If you do not feel comfortable doing a creative project, or you have not submitted a proposal by the deadline (above), you should write a dialogue instead, which I may or may not ask you to read in class, and which is due on the same day, namely 04/19. You will create a fictional scenario (come up with an interesting way to set this up), where you have invited three of our authors from among the Mosaic texts (not the additional readings) for dinner and are having a conversation with them about contemporary issues. Just how you do this exactly is up to you, but you must incorporate at least two quotes from each of the three authors into this dialogue (with proper citations for our editions, obviously). You should be expressing your own views as well. Do write the story like a dialogue, not like a narrative. The length should be at least 1200 words.