Moral development | Human Resource Management homework help

Please explain Lawrence Kohlberg’s three “levels” of Moral Reasoning, and the two “stages” for each level.

Please offer an explanation as to why you feel he has accurately categorized Moral Development, or conversely, offer a criticism of why you feel he has not properly dealt with this issue.

Finally, please explain a situation that implicates someone’s standing as far as their moral development. You can either discuss a situation that you were involved with in some business dealing, or you can research and explain a situation that you were not personally involved with. Choose a single person from the situation you are discussing and note which stage of Moral Development this person is operating in, according to your assessment. Explain why you feel their actions suggest the stage you have identified. Last, explain whether you feel this person’s actions and the stage of development they are in is typical or atypical of other people in the business world.


Additional Requirements:

  1. The body of the paper should be at 2-3 full pages.
  2. The paper should be in APA format (i.e., cover page, double-spaced, 12 pt. font, reference section at end, in-text citations, etc.).
  3. Use only the links from the uploaded document as your sources. – if you need another source, please approve it through me first.