Monologue- live delivery | Ecology homework help


This assignment is designed to develop your public speaking delivery. Select a 2-3 min. monologue (about 250 words) from a television show, movie, play, novel, short story, or poem. A monologue speaks to people, not with people. The monologue must be one person speaking and you will remain in character for the entire piece. You can pretend that others are responding if you are using a modified conversation but you must speak as only one person.

The piece should be dynamic, meaning the character should demonstrate a range of emotions. The character should cause you to stretch beyond your comfort level. Remember that you will be graded on the elements of delivery so standing still and reading directly from a piece of paper will not earn you a good grade. Consider how you will use your body, space, voice, and face to convey the emotion of the piece to the audience.  

Submit in the text box one paragraph providing the name of the character and source type (movie, book, etc.) of the piece. Set the scene for the audience. Then provide the script for your monologue below it. 

When you present, you will need to provide the scene information to the audience before you launch into the monologue.