Module six assignment guidelines and rubric | critical business skills | Southern New Hampshire University



Business reports often communicate an analysis of a scenario or aspect of a business in relation to a strategic goal or need. These types of reports can include the status of the organization, stakeholder summaries, market trends, and financial statements. The main goal of business reports is to help leaders in developing strategies and making decisions or recommendations for the improvement of business. Additionally, business reports may also provide analysis of potential worst-case scenarios, solutions to issues currently faced by an organization, and a review of best practices and analogous situations faced by similar organizations.


For this assignment, you will take on the role of a business manager who is in the planning phase of building a stakeholder summary report. You need an example from an organization in the same industry to get ideas and structure your report in the best way possible. You have identified the following report as a potential model:

Review the report and think about what story it tells you based on the numbers and visualizations provided. Address the following questions in your post. Make sure to use evidence to support your responses.


  • How does the report use data?
  • How does it use specific contexts, terms, and figures?


  • How does the overall look of the presentation appeal to readers?
  • How does the report meet or not meet its objective?,contributions%20from%20its%20hero%20franchises.&text=Clinique’s%20Moisture%20Surge%20saw%20strong,the%20dynamism%20of%20big%20brands

Please answer the following questions in your response in order.

 Describe how the Estée Lauder report uses data and other information. What data is used in the report? How does it use specific terms and figures? Your response should be 100–200 words. 

 What data visualizations are provided in the report? How do the data visualizations help convey information that is both useful and easy to understand? Your response should be 100–200 words. 

 Explain how the report is organized. Does it start with a general introductory paragraph? Does it pull the reader in with a surprising bit of news? How is the report divided up? What ideas about structure might you adopt for your report? Your response should be 50–100 words. 

 Explain how the report makes use of images that are unrelated to data. Do the images illustrate points effectively, or are they merely decorative? Why do you think the report does or does not use images effectively? What ideas about using images might you borrow for your own report? Your response should be 50–100 words. 

 Assess the effectiveness of the report. How does the overall presentation appeal to readers? How does the report meet (or not meet) its objective? What do you think are the report’s best qualities, and what aspects might you improve on in your own stakeholder report? Your response should be 100–200 words.