Module 12 : health | Education homework help


By now, you should have read Chapters 22, 23, 24, and 25.  It is time to put everything together and reflect on ways you can apply the knowledge learned in this course.

For this discussion activity, you will start a new post and respond to posts by two of your classmates as follows:

PART 1: Start your discussion by reflecting on the chapter readings, utilizing a few guiding questions to frame your initial post.  Here are the Guiding Questions to be addressed as you post your Discussion:

1. Based on all that you have read for this module, what are your thoughts on the many different ways to disseminate and apply research findings?  Which of these activities appeal the most to you and which appeal the least to you?  Explain.

2. Based on all that you have read and learned from this entire course, identify three main takeaways and discuss how you plan to apply your new knowledge to your program of study and career.