Module 03 assignment – track and reflect on your nutrient intake


Module 03 Assignment – Track and Reflect on Your Nutrient Intake

People lead busy lives. Many individuals find it easy to lose track of just how much food and drink they have consumed throughout the day. This assignment will provide you with an opportunity to track and reflect on your nutritional intake. The results may surprise you!

For this assignment, use the Nutritional Intake Worksheet (below) to:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the 2015-2020 USDA Dietary Guidelines for an adult.
  2. Track all of the food and beverages you consume for a 3-day period.
  3. Analyze your nutritional intake compared to the USDA Dietary Guidelines.
  4. Answer a series of self-evaluation questions.

If you can just fill in them 3 days meal what ever you want. That might be easy for you to the rest of assignment. Thank you