Mis 3302 discussion 2 | mis 3302 | University of Houston–Downtown


Please complete the following and then answer the accompanying discussion questions. 

Please review the University of Houston-Downtown Information Technology Road Map  –   A Long-Term Technology Plan. See: 


Give special attention to pages 6 and 7.  In the context of where our school is now, in the face of a pandemic and the next few years, please comment on two of the Technology Infrastructure Strategies and two of the Online and Distance Education Technology Strategies.   State the strategy that you are commenting on and then provide your comment/s.  The comment should indicate the importance of that strategy and how it has a direct effect on you and your fellow students.  If there is something more that needs to be stated regarding the strategy, please provide that information in your comment/s. 

The last comment to be provided is your statement on the importance of the work done by the IT Infrastructure staff.  What does their work mean to you?  How does this affect you? 

Provide the answers, while listing your responses using the following format: 

1—Selected Technology Infrastructure Strategy 1

2—Selected Technology Infrastructure Strategy 2

3 –Selected Online and Distance Education Technology Strategy 1 

4 — Selected Online and Distance Education Technology Strategy 2

5 – My (Your) statement explaining the importance of the work done by the IT Infrastructure Staff.

Once you complete your discussion, you will be able to see the comments of your fellow classmates. Please provide comments to them, in order to get full credit for this Discussion Question.   rr