Milestone 2 & final | Computer Science homework help

In Module Four, submit asystemsanalysisforyour project, including a comprehensiveentity-relationshipdiagram(ERD).Although youmayuse anytooltocomplete theERD, itis strongly recommended thatyou useMicrosoftVisioandthen save thediagramintoanimageformat(GIFor JPG) and thencopy andpaste the image into yoursystemsanalysis.


All sectionsof thismilestone shouldbecompiled intoa single Word document. Furthermore,allofMilestone Oneshouldbeincluded in MilestoneTwo.This milestonewill be graded using theMilestone Two Rubric(below). Themilestoneshouldincludethe following:

·        A comprehensiveentity-relationship diagram(ERD)

o      This must include an appropriate setof attributes foreach entity.


·        A relationalmodel

o      Your relational modelshould be logical,should reflect strong understanding of the overallfunctionofyourdatabase,andmustcomply with eachofthe requirementslaidout in theERD.


·        A functional dependenciesdiagram normalized into 3NF

o      Based uponthe ERD you create,devise dependency diagrams andnormalize thedata into3NF.

o      This stepwill require you tocompile acollective listof all the functional dependencies inorderto createthemodel.

o      The data inthis sectionmustreflect the listoffunctional dependenciesandmustbe accuratelynormalized into3NF.


·        A functional relational schema normalized into 3NF

o      Based uponthe ERD and the dependency diagrams, createthe relational schemaand normalize thedata into3NF.


·        A listof proposed queries

o      Basedon thesix questionsthatmost concernthe bookstoreowners, develop a single query that willanswereachquestion