Mid term paper | Management homework help


  1. Describe, compare and contrast the 4 original principles of marketing with the 4 C’s.
  2. If you were marketing a new smartphone (choose one); how would you market it using the 4 C’s.
  3. What does a company’s mission and vision have to do with marketing?
  4. Why do marketers use personas? What is the benefit? What is the risk if a persona is not used? 

1) You must provide footnotes to cite your references. Anytime you paraphrase or use other’s words, you MUST use a footnote. See: https://www.citefast.com/?s=APA7

2) Answers that are clearly not in your words and do not use a footnote/citation will receive zero credit. 
3) You may collaborate with a fellow student. Each of you needs to submit a paper and it must have BOTH names on the paper you submit. Papers that do not credit each other will be graded F. 
4) Papers must be dramatically correct, with correct spelling to receive an A. 
5) Submissions must follow the filename protocol or face a -5 point deduction. 
6) Length: Answer the questions completely with citations. A stranger should be able to read the question, read your answer and have a complete understanding of the topic.  
7) Submissions must be in Word Doc or Apple pages.