Mhi-815-informatics for advanced practice | Nursing homework help

 TOPIC: Technical Support to Healthcare: Electronic Health Records and Applications

Choose a specific evidence-based practice (examples: CLABSI prevention, Sepsis risk assessment, Vaccination schedules, etc.).

In 600 Words:

  1. Discuss how technology and informatics are utilized to support the interventions of Advanced Practice Nurses?
  2. Discuss how employing evidence-based practice guidelines improve patient outcomes?
  3. What benefits and challenges have you experienced with the integration of information technology in your practice?
  4. What strategies did you, or could you, use to overcome these challenges?
  5. If you could design the “perfect” EHR to enhance and support evidence-based practice, what would you include? How would this new technology improve patient care?

Use 4-5 resources/reference within the last 5 years ONLY.