Mgt 585 – leadership assignment


Select a well-known business leader and analyze him or her. Under three distinct headings, answer the following questions that will help guide your analysis: 

(1) Leader Identification:

What traits does this leader possess that contribute to his/her successes and/or failures as a leader? What effective and/or ineffective behaviors does this leader engage in? Which contemporary theories of/approaches to leadership are most 

applicable to this leader? 

(2) Influencing Followers:

What approach does and/or should this leader use to influence followers? 

(3) Leadership across Organizational 

Contexts: How does/should this individual lead across organizational contexts? Discuss specific examples and consider how different contingency approaches to leadership play a role in successfully leading across contexts. Use references from books and journal articles to support all the sections of your discussion. Cite your 

references within your discussion and include the full citations for your references on your 

Reference – page at the end of the document and minimum of 8

Number of pages – Approximately 8 pages double space.

Use appropriate headings and sub-headings to clearly present the information.