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Task 1 First, conduct some research to help you with later portions of this portfolio assessment. • Find a local building, take a picture of it, and estimate its height. • Use the Internet to find some initial velocities for different types of fireworks. Use one of these values Task 2 Respond to the following items. 1. While setting up a fireworks display, you have a tool at the top of the building and need to drop it to a coworker below. How long will it take the tool to fall to the ground? 2. State whether the parabola represented by 2 ht t t ( ) 16 250 =− + opens up or down. Explain why your answer makes sense in the context of this problem. 3. One of the fireworks is launched from the top of the building with an initial upward velocity of 150 ft/sec. a. What is the equation for this situation? b. When will the firework land if it does not explode? c. Make a table for this situation so that it shows the height from time t = 0 until it hits the ground. d. Calculate the axis of symmetry. e. Calculate the coordinates of the vertex. f. Explain why negative values for t and h t( ) do not make sense for this problem. g. Graph this situation. Make sure to label your axes with a title and a scale. 4. Using the initial velocity for a firework that you researched in Task 1, calculate the maximum height of another firework launched from the ground, if it is set to explode 3 seconds after launch