Management information systems | Computer Science homework help


Exam 2 covers 5 chapters. You must answer all the questions. Please follow the instructions and see the attached file for questions. 

  • Use Word to write your answers
  • Use a bold heading with each chapter number such as Chapter 5.   
  • Answers must use correct spelling and grammar.
  • Paragraphs must be used.  Most of the answers should require more than one paragraph.  New paragraphs are used when a new thought or idea is introduced.
  • You must use sources other than the textbook.
  • If you are getting your ideas from somewhere other than yourself, include that information in the answer.  For example, “According to NPR, robots are being used 50% more in operating rooms in 2017 than in 2016.”
  • At the end of each answer, include your sources.   You must list every website/url you got information from.
  • Submit ONE Word file with answers to all five chapters.  You will answer one question for each chapter.