Maersk line | Marketing homework help

This milestone focuses on Maersk Line’s highly successful social media marketing campaign. Prompt: To complete this assignment, analyze the Maersk case study for the critical elements below, and then compose a paper that addresses the questions and concepts. Be sure to review and reference the module resources, which were chosen specifically to support the course content and assignments, when writing this paper. Specifically, you must address the following critical elements: IV. Execution A. Evaluate how the company executed on their plan and platforms. B. Analyze the company’s messaging from a qualitative perspective. Compare and contrast the following: What stories did they tell, and what stories are they telling now? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the messages? Were the company’s efforts tied to marketing goals? Is there something the company is not doing now that they should be? Provide specific examples. C. Analyze the effect of the company’s messaging from a quantitative perspective: Measure the growth of the company’s community, viewership traffic (e.g., through engagement, level of activity), digital footprint, market share, and so on.