Liberty university cjus 601 quiz 8


Liberty University CJUS 601 Quiz 8

Question 1

A researcher conducts a study on terrorist movements within the United States. Upon completing his research, he petitions to Congress to present his information before them. This researcher’s primary goal most likely is toQuestion 2

“Reverse outlining” when preparing a research report meansQuestion 3

A discussion section:

Question 4

The advisory committee for a student’s thesis project: Question 5

A researcher conducts a theoretical study of terrorist motivations, consulting the work of other major researchers in the field. The research is published in two separate academic journals. This researcher’s primary goal most likely is to: Question 6

Research projects often fail because: Question 7

A researcher, frustrated with the nature of much of academic research, decides to go into the field to conduct his research on community response to crime and gets his subjects involved, taking their input regarding the goals and outline of the research. This researcher is engaging in: Question 8

An ethical research report should include all but which of the following? Question 9

The different goals of researcher, research sponsor, subjects, and study audience:

Question 10

A researcher conducts a study on identifying potential terrorists and terrorists’ supporters or sympathizers. She then publishes her work and presents it to various community groups around the country. This researcher’s primary research goal most likely is to: Question 11

Bella’smodel of “social science as public philosophy” is reflected in which of the following statements? Social scientists should

Question 12

Which section of a journal article will concisely describe the research problem, the sample, the method, and the findingsQuestion 13

The most unique aspect of preparation of an academic journal article is the: Question 14

Social scientists who believe that there should be a strict separation between the determination of empirical facts as satisfactory or unsatisfactory also often believe that: Question 15

Are the prospects of advancing scientific knowledge impaired by having a report/project goal of influencing social policy or stimulating social action? Consider in your answer both pro and con arguments.