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A Comprehensive Examination of Counterintelligence Training Presentation

The student will prepare a PowerPoint (Audio/Visual) presentation wherein he or she will design
training which will cover everything he or she discussed in the written paper he or she completed
on this same topic in this class. Each section that was written and covered in the paper needs to
be discussed but the training video will end with additional information that will include
contingencies and countermeasures to a cyber-attack or intrusion.
As a refresher the following will be needed in the training video in addition to the
aforementioned. The student will complete a training video on a Comprehensive Examination of
Counterintelligence. This will include these headings: Counterintelligence fundamentals,
challenges, theory; Defensive Counterintelligence to include planning, tenets, security of all
types, and communications; Offensive Counterintelligence to include tenets, detection,
deception, and neutralization; and ethics of counterintelligence. How does cyber and social
media fit in? The student will discuss Biblical examples of the use of intelligence and or

The student will use PPT Mix (Audio/Visual), which may be turned into a Windows Media
Video WMV, to present and record his or her information. A minimum of 20 content slides
are required not including the cover and reference slides. The student will, at the minimum, use
the same headings as listed previously in these instructions. The presentation needs to be at least
15 minutes long and should last no more than 30 minutes maximum. References will be included
on the last slide. The presentation must be in current APA format. Once submitted for grading
the student will email his or her PPT video to the rest of the class for their review. The student
does not have to show him or herself in the video unless they wish to.