Issc_641 wk 2 proposal pages 2

Topic :    Identity Theft

Assignment Instructions

Review the requirements of the Project Paper found under Assignments. Your are to propose a topic to write about that relates to any topic in this course and then provide a small plan on how you plan to complete the paper. Submit by Sunday of week 2 for my review and acceptance.

In week 2 for students will write a concept paper to support their reasoning for choosing their topic for their final paper in week 7.

In other words, in week 2 you are going tell the reader (the instructor) why you think your topic for your final project is worth doing. You are going to justify this as a proposal. Here is the purpose of writing a concept paper:

Purpose of a proposal/concept paper

The topic for your week 4 concept paper will be the same as your final paper; they are linked together. The week 2 concept paper justifies the writing of your final paper.  


Submit a 3 page concept paper IAW APA format on an approved topic (see pre-approved topics in the syllabus). Paper organization will include (use as headings):  

  • Coversheet
  • Introduction.
  • Problem Statement.
  • Relevance and Significance.
  • References (at least five).

Pre-approved research topics:

You may also choose a topic not listed but do check for approval. Students should choose a topic that interests them and they would like to learn more about.

To submit your assignment, attach one or more files and then click Submit.