Introduction to ruby | Computer Science homework help

Introduction to Ruby

You are given a sample memo that contains several e-mail addresses. You are to create a Ruby

program that reads the memo in and outputs an accurate count of domain names found in the

memo. A sample print-out should look something like the following:

Domain Results

        3 time(s)

      7 time(s)

        1 time(s)

Below are the more detailed requirements:


as your Ruby file.

You will probably need to do some sort of iterating through the words in the memo (see a class

Assume that the memo is located in assignment_two_text.txt file located in the same directory


slide example for finding word frequency). DO NOT USE a Ruby for in or loop construct. This

will automatically bring your assignment grade down by a full grade (A => B and so on).

Each result row should print a distinct (non-repeated) domain name and the number of times it


was counted.

Right-justify each result row (You will need to dig around the String API to see how to



Each domain should include the top-level domain name (i.e.


Sort domain names alphabetically when outputting the results.


Submission Guidelines


directory as your assignmetn2.rb.

Commit both files to your local repo and then push your repo out to your private team repo on

Call your Ruby file assignment2.rb. Download assignment_two_text.txt and store it in the same


github creating a remote branch called assignment2.

You can do one of the following to accomplish #2 above:


Create a local branch called assignment2 ($git checkout -b assignment2) and then push it

out by doing $git push remote_alias assignment2

Work on a master branch in your repo and then do $git push remote_alias



Feel free to include a README with any comments.