Intravenous catheter insertion | Nursing homework help



This discussion can lead an educator down some long and winding paths.  Almost at every turn one could follow another topic towards another field of interest.  I studied for two days on how to enter into this discussion.  I decided to take a step towards how I interrupted this question.  First topic to consider is how intravenous catheter insertion technique is being taught or practiced.  The second topic of concern is an orientation program is lacking.  Both of these topic are basic information for new registered nurses.  One must ruminate that without a strong and complete base the tower will collapse.  This statement is true as it relates to any topic.  One cannot begin in the middle.  One must commence at the beginning.

How to initiate a systematic review. A systematic review is a big task.  The review is challenging even overwhelming.  As mentioned earlier one can be led astray without much notice.  There is a need or desire to know an answer that is eluding the educator or researcher.  High-quality evidence is desired to answer a question or solve a quandary, however a systematic review is often utilized because of the vast knowledge base, skill levels, and experience of those on a team/committee.  

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