Insurance management | Business & Finance homework help


Using the attached information, you will analyze different products from different companies to determine a recommended strategy within the case study.  The products identified in this workshop were chosen at random and are not intended to be an exclusive list of variable annuity products.  

 Variable Annuity Options:

  • Jackson Annuities – Elite Access Variable Annuities
  • AXA Accumulator Series Variable Annuities
  • MetLife FlexiChoice Annuities

 Using the web, search for the specific products above and complete the following:

  1. Construct an excel spreadsheet that compares the three products and insurance companies.  
  2. Make sure you evaluate the following items in your excel sheet:
    1. Payout period
    2. Premium options
    3. Benefit options
    4. Fixed, index, or variable
    5. Recommended Riders
      1. GMAB
      2. GMIB
      3. GMWB

Provide a summary of your findings and your recommendation in a word document.