Information graphics technical report writing assignment

Assignment #3: Informational Graphics (due 24 hours )

Express the following written information in TWO kinds of graphics, and write a ONE-paragraph statement about which graphic works best.

Submit the TWO graphics and your ONE-paragraph statement as an attachment through the e-mail on Blackboard.

Written Information:

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently released a report that documents the “Global Causes of All Deaths” in 2011 (WHO, 2011). The report, which was published in WHO’s Global Atlas on cardiovascular disease prevention and control, identifies seven disease/health factors as responsible for the global causes of all deaths. The report identifies Cardiovascular Diseases as the leading cause of all deaths (31 percent); Communicable, Maternal, Perinatal (27 percent); Cancer (13 percent); and Other Non-Communicable Diseases (10 percent). Additionally, Injuries accounted for nine (9) percent of all global deaths. Other causes of all death include Respiratory Diseases (8 percent) and Diabetes (2 percent). _________________________________________________


 Source: World Health Organization. Global Atlas on cardiovascular disease prevention and control, Geneva 2011.