Individual assignment #1: disc worksheet 2


Your assignment for this week is to complete DISC Project Galaxy Worksheet 2.  You will view a short video showing the Project Galaxy workteam.  This 4-minute video introduces four coworkers as they struggle to work on a group project.  Remember, these characters are inteded to be peers and do not depict a manager interacting with a direct report.  

The four co-workers introduced are Tom, Sally, Stephanie, and Dante.  You will notice there is considerable tension on the team, and team does not have a good understanding of how to work effectively together based on their different DISC styles.  In the assignment worksheet link, open the document and view the video.  The video is of the team, later in the same day as they continue to discuss the project.  Write down 2-3 stressors that each team member experiences at work.  Stressors are behaviors/words that others do that cause another team member stress.