In this discussion board, you will be posting two possible topics

English class. Must be 250 words. You’ve done these for me for my prior English class – I will try to find an example to attach. You can pick the topics.


In this discussion board, you will be posting two possible topics that you would like to write about and also the point (thesis) that you would be trying to drive home in the reader’s mind.  In review writing, this thesis should make a clear assessment of how well your topic (whether a band, restaurant, public figure, etc.) executes the task that they set out to perform.  This, in turn, will dictate what criteria are used to assess the performance.  For example, in Chapter 10 of Argument Today, one of the example essays argued that a pizza restaurant had honed its craft to produce the most delicious pizzas possible.  The author showed the restaurant owner using traditional methods that require more effort and then tweaking these methods to perfect his pizza.  The author DID NOT include an in-depth discussion of the décor of the restaurant as the thesis was all about the food (like the pizza maker.)  Your initial pre-writing post should be up by Wednesday at 11:59 PM and include the following information for each of the two topics:

  • Topic
  • Thesis
  • 4 criteria that will be used to assess the performance

You don’t necessarily need to follow through on one of the two topics that you propose here for your full essay.  If you may have painted yourself into a corner, you can change before the rough draft is due next week.  However, you should make an effort to pick two solid topics this week so that you can benefit from your classmates’ guidance before the rough draft.