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1. In a short essay discuss the pros and cons of nesting organizational units within other organizational units. How does this type of structure affect GPO processing?2. In a short essay, discuss the use of PowerShell in automating account management. What is a batch file? Name and describe three commands to manage accounts.3. The policy settings on domain member computers can be affected by domain GPOs linked to the site, domain, or OU in Active Directory. The Group Policy Management Console (GPMC) stores Starter GPOs in a folder named StarterGPOs, located on the shared sysvol folder found on domain controllers. In a ½ page essay explain how you would implement GPOs on a small manufacturing company’s network.4. In a short essay, define and describe the use of the Security Configuration and Analysis snap-in.5. Research user account objects in Active Directory. What restrictions apply to user account objects? In a 1 page essay (double-spaced), discuss the format of the user account naming scheme for a global organization. How would the user account naming structure differ for a network that has an international subsidiary in Singapore? How would alphabetizing the user name list differ in Asia? What recommendations would you suggest?