Identity formation essay | PSYC 210 – Developmental Psychology | Liberty University


Hi, I need you to write this essay and submit it within 4 hours. This is a Christian university and I have attached the textbook which you need to read to answer the question/prompt. Please try to not use complicated words, just keep the essay in basic English. Use your own/made-up experiences to answer/write if you have to. Read the question/prompt carefully. Thank you!

Use “(Cashion, 2019)” for citations. I will write references.

Topic: Identity Formation

Question/Prompt: Identity formation is one of the most important tasks of adolescence. For your thread:

  1. Choose one of three arenas of identity formation (faith, vocation, or politics).
  2. Within the arena you have chosen, describe some circumstances from your adolescence that impacted your journey to identity achievement.
  3. Consider James Marcia’s four specific coping strategies discussed in the text (role confusion, foreclosure, moratorium or achievement) and describe how they were or were not evident in your experience.
  4. Tell whether your faith hindered or helped your journey to identity achievement.

Your thread must be 250–400 words. Use information from the Textbook/Reading and Study materials for this module to complete this thread (at least two citations and a corresponding reference are required).