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We have looked at the function of celebrity, the role of advertising, and the experiences of everyday life and special events. One aspect that unites these varied aspects of popular culture is the idea that the consumer/audience has the ultimate power of making meaning from what they encounter in popular culture. This assignment allows you to test the usefulness of that idea by bringing together several of the concepts we have explored. Details matter!

Scenario: Your boss at Amalgamated MegaCorp Inc. (Ltd) has decided you will head up a new project: finding a popular culture media creation from the past and remaking it. Your boss wants you to create a preliminary proposal that includes the following:

  1. Choose a TV series, a film, a song recording, or a comic book, pretty much any media example, to remake. Choose something that reflects your strengths and interests and have fun with it!
  2. Identify a celebrity (only one) who will have a key part in this project. Briefly explain who the celebrity is: explain why they are a celebrity, describe what they will do in the project, explain what audience they will reach
  3. Choose a method (only one) of advertising or promoting your remake. Define who your core audience is then how your choice of advertising will target and connect with them.
  4. Explain how this project will connect to the audience’s everyday culture/everyday life experiences and/or a commonly shared special event.
  5. Explain what meaning you expect the audience will make from this project.

Your boss also expects that your proposal will be factually sound with solid research to support your ideas! Properly cite at least two different refereed academic or industry article sources from our library’s data bases at least once each.

Submission Guidelines

You may submit the assignment in any format you choose as long as you can meet all the requirements of the assignment. Some examples formats are: an essay, a Keynote, a video, or any other method. Include proper citations and reference list in APA style. Be sure to address the content requested, design is no substitute for content in an assignment.

If You Choose To Submit An Essay:

  • It must total 3 full pages of text, about 750 words at a minimum (not including the References page)
  • It must us APA in-text parenthetical citations
  • It must include a References page that lists all sources cited, in APA style
  • It must be set in 12-point font
  • It must be double-spaced, and set with 1” page margins
  • Label your file as “LastNameFirstNamePCMAssignmentFour”

If You Choose to Submit A Keynote Or Video:

  • The Keynote should have at least 10 slides
  • Narration is Optional, not required (In the Keynote program, type “Record a voiceover narration” in the Help function for step by step instructions.) Please Export it as a QuickTime Movie if you select this option
  • If narrated (or if your submission has an audio component) it must be 3 and a half to 5 minutes in length
  • If narrated, upload your video to You Tube and submit the link on a Word document to the assignment
  • Don’t worry about stumbling over your words, it is not needed to be broadcast quality
  • Label your file as “YourLastNameFirstNamePCMAssignmentFour”
  • It must include a slide formatted as an APA-style References at the end and have parenthetical in-text citations on the slides as needed

Please make sure you read the instructions…… Thank You