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Instructions for composition 

What do individuals need to know/learn to live like Bubbly and Cuban describe?

How can others live this way?  Here I refer to the choices people need to make.

How can formal (college/university) education help us live free?

Don’t forget to quote from the videos.

Below are the links to the Bubbly and Cuban videos, the topic and below that the directions for how to write your exercise.  I hope you have fun with it. 

The Luxuries of Life-What the 1% of Elite have over you


and  Mark Cuban on the FIRE Movement: Financial Independence, Retire Early 

Topic For Composition Exercise #1:

In their videos Mark Cuban says he’s learned to “do what he wants, when he wants, how he wants” and Layan Bubbly says living like her friend, “waking up when you want and working when you want” is a luxury.  What do individuals need to know, learn to live like this?  How can other individuals enjoy this independence and control over their lives and time?  What type of education helps individuals achieve such freedom?  Please answer these questions and explain your answers.  Also quote from the YouTube videos. 

The composition needs an answer and specific details for each question in the topic.  Within your 500-word limit you must cite from the material you’ve read and/or watched to support your ideas.