I have a summary homework; from page 4 to page 14

Remember when writing your summary that, in general, summaries:

•are at least 60% shorter than the original text and omit the original text’s examples, asides, and analogies. Offer a specific example only if you think it’s crucially important.

•focus exclusively on the main ideas and do not include your interpretations or opinions. Your summary should indicate what the author’s main points and secondary points are.  

•are written in your own words.  Do not copy the original text word-for-word.  We will talk about this technique, called quoting. However, in a summary, paraphrasing should be used more than quoting, which should be kept to a minimum.

•rely on the use of standard signal phrases such as “According to the author…,” “The author believes…,” “In the article, the author states…”


•should be organized in the same way as the original text.  In other words, state the author’s thesis first and then discuss the support for that thesis. 


Write a summary of  the article Zoo Crossroads on blackboard. Your summary should be between TWO and TWO-and-A HALF pages, double-spaced, and have 12-point font size and one- inch margins. If your summary is too long, try to eliminate secondary points or reduce wordiness. Do not insert extra spaces between paragraphs or do anything else to make your paper appear longer. Please refer to the “How to Write a Summary” handout for more information on how to write a summary!


Paper Requirements: Introductory paragraph, body paragraphs describing main ideas, conclusion, MLA style citation at the top, submitting it online through blackboard.